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Itt megtalálhatja a mikroszkópokkal kapcsolatban gyakran felmerülő kérdéseket és a rájuk adott válaszokat.

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Ide  vagy  ide kattintva megtudhatja, hogy miként készíthet magának tárgylemezeket a mikroszkópjához. But, the camera is not recognized by the system Windows 7.

Levenhuk D870T 8M digitális trinokuláris mikroszkóp

What can I do with that? Earl Ireland : Is there a removable stage insert for this microscope to allow easier clean up when performing oil immersion work? I purchased this product from Levenhuk inbut only recently have found time to begin using it.

protozoa giardia model

Thank you. Levenhuk Customer Service: Dear Earl, thank you for your inquiry. You will need to use a soft wet cloth. It will be easier to remove an objective in order to clean.

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No need to remove protozoa giardia model stage. Is there any additional information you might need? Jerry Downs : do you have something similar but cheaper? Maybe without camera or trinocular head Dustin Sims : Hello!

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Could you please tell protozoa giardia model the purpose protozoa giardia model an optical filter? Levenhuk Customer Service: Optical filters allow you to obtain more contrast images. Some microorganisms are invisible in protozoa giardia model light and only available to the protozoa giardia model through a special filter. We are planning on buying a microscope in the nearest future and protozoa giardia model just a microscope but the best model we can find.

Now we are interested in Levenhuk T and Levenhuk T models. Is there any significant difference between these two? Their prices are very different.

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Thank you in advance! Levenhuk Customer Service: Levenhuk T protozoa giardia model features plan achromatic objectives and eyepieces, while Levenhuk T model features achromatic objectives and eyepieces. This fact affects image quality.

Ann Kirk protozoa giardia model Will I see molecules with this microscope? Levenhuk Customer Service: Such microscopes are not presented in our store. Shaun Conklin : Does this microscope have top lighting?

Levenhuk D870T 8M digitális trinokuláris mikroszkóp

Can I observe opaque protozoa giardia model stones? Levenhuk DT is a laboratory instrument; it is not suitable for observing stones. For this purpose we would recommend buying a stereo microscope.

Terry Chavez : How to switch between binocular protozoa giardia model trinocular head modes? Levenhuk Customer Service: In order to switch between binocular and trinocular head modes, you need to slightly pull the locking screw out on the right side of the trinocular head.

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Ruth : Does this microscope have an upper and lower illumination light? I am looking for a microscope with both. This microscopes comes with lower illumination.

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Only student microscopes comes with both upper and lower illumination. Can I additionally buy a 60x objective lens for it?

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No, unfortunately, it is not possible. John : Can I examine a drop of blood with this microscope model? I'm not sure if you understood my previous message or if i'm pose it correctly.

  • A térfogat V kiszámítható a víz alatti szintvonalak használatával, összegezve minden egyes mélységi vonal között található különböző rétegek vizének térfogatát.
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What i mean is do we only get static screenshots or are we seeing live video from the microscope. Many thanks for your expert knowledge, you are very helpful. Levenhuk Customer Service: Dear Alef, thank you for your inquiry.

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The protozoa giardia model can hogyan lehet meghatározni a férgek jelenlétét connected to your PC via a USB cable that also acts as a power cable, so you do not have to plug it into a power source. The camera allows you to observe specimens in fine detail and true colors on your PC monitor and save images and videos on the hard drive.

Would i be able to do this with this microscope? Thank you! This model is the most powerful with magnification up to x, so it will fit your needs!